The new office building waited two years for its official opening. The works were completed in 2019, but the commissioning of the facility was delayed by a pandemic. The modernization of Kastenberg's villa for office purposes was completed in 2016.

Seven tenants from various industries have located their offices in the new office building, including an IT company, a construction company and a design office. Between the new facility and the villa there is a garden with old trees.

There are many office buildings in Łódź, but it would be difficult to find those that would have their own park in the city center. We tried not to damage it in any way during construction works. More than two years ago, we also came up with the idea that this place should be defined in a different way than through the office function it performs on a daily basis - through art. This is how the cooperation with the Academy of Fine Arts came about and the "Lodz Symphonic Triptych" project was born - says Anna Mostowska, co-owner of the Office-R company, which created the Opera Park.

The authors of the three sculptures are Jarosław Borek and Michał Matysiak from the Sculpture Institute of the Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź. Two are ready, the third is being prepared.