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The Wola Retro investment is a harmoniously arranged: 3 storey building from the 1930s – a monument of the polish Modernism - and two A class, 9 and 13 storeys buildings that will...

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Surprising Adriatic cuisine in Warsaw Brewery. Pjaca restaurant will create a family atmosphere and delicious food

A tasty part of Warsaw Brewery is getting bigger and bigger. The culinary proposal offered the Meeting and Flavors located in the very centre of Warsaw is enriched by the Pjaca restaurant that serves unique Adriatic cuisine, based on the traditions of the Balkans and Italy. The first guests will taste this amazing menu at the end of 2020.

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Warsaw Office Market flourishes

Warsaw office market is growing at a fast pace. Total stock at the end of Q3 of this year stood at nearly 5.6 million sqm. Nearly one fourth of existing stock is less than 5 years old, and the sector is set to increase by at least another 10% over the next two years. Results recorded so far show that 2019 might prove to have been another record-breaking year in terms of office take-up. Demand is driven by leases signed for spaces of record-breaking size, one such example being the lease signed by mBank for nearly all the space in the Mennica Legacy Tower high-rise office building.

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Echo Investment invests in Wrocław. MidPoint71 office building to be centrally located

Echo Investment has started the construction of the MidPoint71 office building at Powstańców Śląskich street in Wrocław. The project will provide nearly 37,000 sqm modern office space. The first tenants will be able to work here in the fourth quarter of 2021.

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Tenant experience brought up to next level

Vincent Vallois MRICS, Co-Founder of Online Real Assets – CEE Partner of Spaceflow tenant experience application – sees the market from a new perspective. Online Real Assets has just launched Spaceflow in Hungary and they see great potential and momentum for a space-as-service transition of the commercial real estate market.

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You Should Know Before Selecting an Office Building

What is a Sublease Office and what are its advantages?

Tenants often measure poorly their own space requirements, which may change significantly due to the effect of the current economic situation or the strategy of the mother company. When bigger office spaces are released the best solution could be to sublease. At the same time it is worth to know that circumstances of subletting are often controlled and conditioned by the owner. In Western Europe the sublease rent practice is more popular than in the Central-Eastern European countries. The sub-lessee can take advantage not only from the favorable price but also of not having to commit themselves for at least 5 years in this uncertain market environment but only until the end of the remaining rental period. This is a great opportunity for those small businesses who do not want to commit themselves for a long period. It is important to know that unlike the general office market offers, these sublease possibilities are not publicly advertised but are only available through real estate brokers and advisers. The advisers, having extensive market knowledge, help to find the balance between the sub-lessor and subtenant, creating favorable contract conditions for both parties.

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What is List highlighting and why is it worthy for an office building?

When highlighting your data sheet, it will automatically appear at the beginning of the list, with distinguished background, regardless of the alphabetical order. Thus the office searchers are going to discover your office building and offices for rent right at the beginning of the list, which significantly speeds up the renting process of your vacant spaces.

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What does office building category B mean?

B category office buildings are the ones which are meeting the bellow listed requirements. Exclusive requirements: Office buildings from which one of the exclusive “A” category requirements is missing: /modern cabling, - air conditioning system, roofed parking lot, quality realisation, facility management up to par, 24-hour reception and security service/ Office building with at least 750 square metres of office to let Miscellaneous requirements: Office buildings in which unavailable are at least 6 of the “A” category miscellaneous requirements, and Lift/s/ First rate realisation Windows with double panes Reception Canteen.

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