Thanks to this transaction, IWG will expand its activities to areas where the demand for this type of service is increasing among local companies and entrepreneurs. The new centers will be located in the Ursynów and Wilanów districts of Warsaw, as well as in Piaseczno and Konstancin. The area cluster agreement gives the franchisee the exclusive right to operate under the Regus brand in the above-mentioned locations.

L&L Club is a company run by three brothers - Jacek, Tomasz and Łukasz Laskowski. Initially, they focused on opening a tennis club. The company later expanded its activity to commercial and office real estate under the Forest Project brand, and among the tenants of the first building at ul. Puławska 543 includes brands such as McDonald's, Sphinx and MSX International.

Initially, we thought about opening one flex office in our second office building, which we plan to complete within the next year. However, after talking to the IWG team, we realized that there was much more business potential and scale that we could achieve. So we decided to go to five locations and start working as soon as possible. We also did not even take into account independent business related to flexible offices. By analyzing the solutions that best fit our current projects, we started looking for a company that has extensive experience, as well as comprehensive solutions and tools. We realize that entering this market without the support of professionals would be very difficult. We immediately get the knowledge from IWG,