This is a decisive stage in Zonifero's development, guaranteeing the strengthening of its sales channel, by expanding into market segments previously inaccessible and leveraging IU Technology's strong partner channel. "With the merger with IU, completely new horizons are opening up for us. We're entering market segments that we haven't operated in before, such as industry, logistics, PRS or the public sector and local government. This is important, from the perspective of diversifying our customer portfolio and thus business security and stability. IU Technology's experience and solutions for these sectors will provide us with a secure future and open the door to unlimited growth opportunities for our platform." - explained Jacek Ratajczak, CEO of Zonifero.


The Zonifero platform is an integrated system and mobile application derived from the optimization of workspace management, particularly in the context of hybrid work organization. Today, the platform enables effective management of access to a variety of spaces, resources and workplace processes. From managing access to facilities, parking lots and hot desking, to smart office devices or employee communications. 


IU Technology is a company specializing in business process management software for multinational corporations. Their flexible approach and ability to customize solutions to meet individual customer needs have made them a valued business partner for many companies in various industries, including industrial, logistics, office, public, development and retail. IU Technology's products support the user in carrying out daily duties. They reduce the need for physical contact between employees and suppliers, perform a number of actions for employees (email, SMS, report, consent/objection, beacon, read data from: license plates, ID cards, passports, RFID cards, QR codes), verify the correctness of entered data, calculate indicators according to set parameters and present results in real time in a user-defined layout.  


The formation of the capital group and the transition of IU Technology under the wings of Zonifero will bring a number of mutual benefits and is a guarantee of meeting the expectations of the customers of both companies more efficiently. "It is worth emphasizing that the merger of the companies does not mean the disappearance of IU Technology from the market - on the contrary. We will still be an independent entity, and thanks to the merger we will be able to provide services at an even higher level." noted Krzysztof Swiatczak, CEO of IU Technology.


Zonifero's solutions help companies optimize the use of resources, improve security, and effectively address challenges related to ESG aspects of the workplace. The startup has quickly achieved the status of one of the most recognized technology companies in its field, gaining recognition both at home and abroad. Zonifero's clients include some of the largest office developers in Poland, including Skanska, Echo Investment, Cavatina Holding, Vastint, and Atenor, among others, as well as numerous corporations such as Żabka, Żywiec, Wirtualna Polska Group and Avon.


IU Technology users will gain full support from Zonifero. This will increase the convenience of using the solutions and solve any problems faster.  "We will do our best for IU Technology customers, providing them with comprehensive technical support from our support and helpdesk both during and after the implementation phase." - Przemysław Chmielewski, COO of Zonifero, explains.


By combining the potentials and experience of the two companies, the group rises to become one of the segment leaders in Poland, which provides the opportunity to focus on global development. "A solid position on the domestic market is the foundation that allows us to focus on foreign expansion, and this is our common goal for the near future," concludes Jacek Ratajczak, CEO of Zonifero.



Thanks to its innovative approach to technology, Zonifero's platform has quickly achieved the status of one of the most recognized technology companies in Poland in its field. Today, more than 55,000 users who use the solutions on a daily basis can benefit from process optimization and efficient management of resources in the workplace. The success of the application's implementations is not limited to Poland's borders, also covering international markets such as Singapore, France, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Belgium.  


IU Technology:

IU Technology is a rapidly growing company specializing in developing business process management software for multinational corporations. Their solutions are based on advanced HTML 5.0 technology, which makes them work independently of the operating system. IU Technology implements projects by customizing solutions to meet the individual needs of the client, which contributes to streamlining and facilitating process management.