Virtual business address – what is it?

Nowadays, traditionally understood office loses its value. Modern business solutions, such as virtual offices, are also gaining popularity in Poland. First of all, they give the opportunity to register a company at a so-called virtual address.

Each new company must have an address which is required during registration proces. However, not every business needs a physical office. Especially because the rental of traditional office space generates huge fixed costs. Also, arranging the whole working facility is a time-consuming process. Virtual office is one of the most convenient ways to register your business.

Virtual offices are helpful, providing a virtual address for registering and running a business, without having to rent a physical office. Entrepreneurs can use such an address in tax matters, business contacts and even for marketing purposes, placing it on leaflets, business cards and other advertising materials.

This is an extremely attractive solution, especially since virtual offices usually operate in the centers of bigger cities. Such a prestigious business address reflects its reputation and help with building a professional image. And this, as you probably already know, often determines the future success of the company.

Virtual offices are fully legal. However, it is required that the company offering such services should be the owner of the rented premises or at least have the consent of their actual owner for sublease of space for third parties.

Virtual office services – who uses them?

Virtual offices allow you to rent a business address, so you can register and run your own business at a lower cost.

Virtual offices are most often used by:

· start-ups,

· freelancers,

· headhunters,

· remote employees,

· field employees,

· new branches of small and medium companies,

· online shopes,

· marketing agencies,

· training companies,

· law and tax offices,

· foreign companies.

Virtual company address – why is it worth it?

E-office is undoubtedly a good option for all entrepreneurs who, due to the specifics of their business, don’t need a typical office space. This model is ideally suited to people who, instead of a stationary workplace, need only an address to register a company. So if you work with a laptop or often work in the field – a virtual office with a virtual company address can be the best financial solution.

Cost reduction is not the only advantage of using virtual office. A company registered in a prestigious location is more reliable and thus better perceived by customers. Virtual offices usually operate in city centers, so close to the main transport hubs, which provides convenient access for clients and contractors.

Registering your business at a virtual address also has an advantage over using your home address, which can be seen as a lack of professionalism. It’s also a simple convenience – all correspondence goes directly to the virtual office, not to the place where you live. Last but not least, virtual offices provide qualified staff.

More than a virtual address

Virtual offices offer their clients comprehensive services. The basic option involves using a prestigious address. However, more and more companies, including CitySpace, respond to the needs of entrepreneurs by offering them correspondence handling and document storage.

We also provide coworking spaces in the largest cities in Poland. The entrepreneur can rent a fully equipped workplace, and share space with other freelancers. These are ideal conditions for meeting creative people, acquiring competences and even starting a new business.

Virtual offices also offer private meeting or conference rooms. These work well for recruitment talks and meetings with investors that require a cozy atmosphere.

Source - cityspace