For over 20 years, the intention of the investor, who has been caring for the comfort of work and life of office workers in the capital and who was responsible for the construction of the amphitheatre, was to create a place that would meet the needs of the local community. In addition to the recently completed amphitheatre, the investor has just announced the creation of the Mobility Hub, which will make commuting much easier in many ways. Thanks to such initiatives, Adgar Poland strives to create innovative solutions contributing to the creation future of work.

The amphitheatre is an open space for interesting meetings, events, workshops, speeches and art shows, available to all residents and employees of the business part of Służewiec. Those interested will have the opportunity to organize fairs or picnics, speeches and interviews, artistic evenings or company meetings in the amphitheatre. The organizers and guests are given a stage with an area of 40 m2, a stage window with dimensions of 11.5 x 4 m, 140 seats as well as WIFI access, places for the disabled and zone lighting.

A long-term calendar of events is under development, but an exhibition of Nawalla's posters can already be seen inside the amphitheatre. Moreover, a seasonal bicycle service was created, available to all who might be interested. The permission to use the facility was issued on August 10, and shortly after, took place the first yoga classes for users of the Brain Embassy, Wine and Paint painting workshops, and 'popcorn and lemonade day', which, apart from the Brainers, attracted residents and employees from the surrounding office buildings. Another edition of Asset, Property & Facility Management Forum, bringing together experts from the entire commercial real estate market, was also held in the amphitheatre.

The amphitheatre was created in response to the challenges faced by the business district of Warsaw — the lack of open public spaces, not surrounded by fences and allowing meetings in the open air and in a friendly environment. Moreover, research conducted by TNS Kantar at the request of Adgar Poland, confirmed that one of the most important needs of people working here is to increase the resource of public spaces. As many as 46 percent of respondents were in favour of increasing the number of green spaces, and 40 percent confirmed the need for greater accessibility of places related to culture and entertainment. Moreover, more than 1/3 of the study participants felt that it would be a good idea to create a band shell or an amphitheatre.

“The entire Adgar Poland and Brain Embassy team put a lot of work and heart into the creation of the amphitheatre — we want it to become a peaceful, green stop for meetings, and in the future also an oasis for those thirsty for artistic impressions. Our intention was to create a Brain Embassy coworking space, accessible to everyone, diversify the landscape of Służewiec and show that the business district of Warsaw is a perfect place not only for work, but also for relaxation. We also hope that the residents themselves will be involved in co-creating the facility's agenda of events, thus discovering the potential to organise any type of event. Already in the first days after the dismantling of the fence surrounding the amphitheatre construction site, we received a lot of warm words about it. Hopefully — as we initially presumed — it will become a favourite meeting place for residents and guests of the business district of Warsaw” concludes Monika Kaczmarczyk, Managing Director of Brain Embassy.

The building itself was designed by the architectural studio mode:lina, and it was constructed by the general contractor, DM Building.

“The final form of the building is a combination of the archetypal shape of the amphitheatre and green islands that are very much needed in this part of the city. The object is constructed inside a circle, and the auditorium is dominated by a characteristic, monumental concrete ring, surrounding the glass roof on one side and a green grassy hill from the street side” commented Jerzy Woźniak, the architect and partner at mode:lina™

'”We have already finished assembling street furniture and landscaping. An additional attraction is the green surroundings of the amphitheatre, equipped with benches, couches, swings and trampolines intended for use by both older and younger users. The facility has received an occupancy permit, so it already holds various meetings and social events. The stage, in accordance with the latest guidelines of the investor, was equipped with the latest AV cabling enabling the control of devices both from the BMS level and from the director's station. It was a very interesting, but also demanding implementation and we are glad that it has become part of the DM Building portfolio” added Mateusz Zwierzyński, site manager, DM Building.

The amphitheatre was built on the premises of the Adgar BIT building, which offers flexible solutions for the lease of office space. The building offers the option of traditional space lease as well as hybrid and co-working solutions.

Source: Mariel & Haan Communications