One of the largest international law firms — Allen & Overy, has chosen an office complex in the heart of Browary Warszawskie as its new Warsaw headquarters. The firm will commence activity here in the autumn of 2020. The lessee was represented by Cushman & Wakefield.

Allen & Overy is one of the largest and most innovative international law firms, operating on the Polish market for over 25 years. With nearly 5,400 employees worldwide and a network of more than 40 offices, the company serves customers in 30 countries, offering efficient solutions and the highest quality legal services. Allen & Overy tends to select special places for their offices. Undoubtedly, Browary Warszawskie, where the law firm has leased 2,750 square meters of space, is such a place. Biura przy Warzelni (Offices by the Brewhouse) is the third and the largest office building in the entire project. It is located in the very heart of a multifunctional project executed by Echo Investment in Warsaw's Wola district. The employees of Allen & Overy will move to their new headquarters in autumn 2020. Browary Warszawskie will allow them to have a vibrant part of the city at their fingertips, they will be able to use the offer of the revitalized 170-year-old former beer cellars of the 19th century brewhouse along with the market square or the secluded park in the Central Garden.

"Browary Warszawskie is one of the best locations in Warsaw for innovative companies. The high standard of this investment is extremely important to us. The new space will allow us to implement the latest arrangement and technical solutions that will support the implementation of our strategy and meet the expectations of our clients and employees. Additionally, the unique history of this place, which Echo Investment brings back to the map of Warsaw but in a new form, is inspiring for us. We want to be a part of a project that changes the image of Warsaw’s Wola district."Arkadiusz Pędzich, Managing Partner of the Allen & Overy office in Warsaw.

Browary Warszawskie is a project that will permanently change the face of Warsaw's Wola district. The new-old quarter will open up to employees, residents and visitors. Allen & Overy is another company that believed in the potential of this place.

"Browary Warszawskie is a unique place on the business map of Warsaw, so we want the companies that will locate their offices here to reflect this uniqueness. It is a future-oriented project not only because of the great atmosphere for business development, but also because of its citygenic nature. Open urban spaces, meeting places created in the historic parts of this project, a cozy residential zone, a wide range of restaurants and cafes will make Browary Warszawskie vibrant with life around the clock. We are in talks with many companies that want to develop here. Allen&Overy is another important point in the development of this location. Their international experience and well-established development strategy based on strong foundations prove that Browary Warszawskie attracts ambitious people." Michał Żelski, regional director in Echo Investment's offices department

"This is the third transaction that we have completed in the Browary Warszawskie with another of our clients. Allen & Overy decided to acquire space in this project mainly because the offered standard and lease conditions perfectly fit in with the original assumptions made at the initial stage of the process. We are convinced that the new Allen & Overy office will be one of the most interesting locations on the Warsaw office map. Moreover, working for such a demanding company was a very valuable experience for us."Krzysztof Misiak, Partner, Head of Office Department in Cushman & Wakefield


Source: Cushman & Wakefield