In the face of the climate crisis, environmental issues are also of key importance in the field of architecture and construction. Concern for the environment is expressed, among others, by the efforts of investors and developers to obtain environmental certificates. In Poland, such certificates were given to 24 facilities, out of which 8 belong to Adgar Poland. Excluding the Adgar Plaza complex, the only LEED ® recertified facility in Poland was Rondo 1. The U.S. Green Building Council LEED® Green Building Programme is a leading programme in the design, construction, maintenance and operation of high-performance green buildings. Buildings located in Warsaw's Mokotów and belonging to the Israeli investor, Adgar Poland, obtained the LEED GOLD ® certificate for the first time in 2015. During the recertification process, the auditors took into account, among others, water and energy efficiency of buildings, as well as the level of reduction of generated waste and the real use of chemicals and ways to minimize it. The Adgar Plaza One building achieved an even higher result than during the first certification. The advisory services for the LEED ® certification process were provided by JW+A | Green Building Experts. "The use of ecological and innovative solutions is one of the pillars of Adgar Poland's operation, so recertification related to the expiry of the previous certificates was an obvious matter for us. We want our buildings to make a real contribution to environmental protection, as well as respond to the expectations of tenants. More and more often they ask about environmentally friendly solutions, the additional advantage of which may be savings. Technologies supporting the segregation and subsequent recycling of waste, a water saving system or the use of systems limiting electricity consumption (e.g. lights turned off after office hours) are priorities. For Adgar Poland, it is very important to build a functional environment supporting the well-being of employees, which is why we gain knowledge about ecological solutions, and then promote it among users of our spaces by organizing events such as the Zero Waste workshop” says Monika Szelenberger, Head of Leasing and Asset Management at Adgar Poland. The environmental awareness of owners and tenants is constantly growing and a large part of them realise that working in green buildings means better productivity and a lower absenteeism rate. The facility is managed in accordance with the requirements of the LEED GOLD® certificate, it not only reduces the negative impact on the natural environment, but also generates significantly lower costs resulting from the optimal use of resources. “Standard Indicators for LEED® and BREEAM certification processes require submitting reports on the implemented solutions every 3 or 5 years. However, the LEED® v4.1 certificate introduces the obligation to actively monitor and report indicators every 12 months, which makes it possible to track the effect of the current pro-ecological and savings activities. What is taken into account when assessing the situation is e.g. the amount of waste generated and recycled, the quality of the environment inside the facility or media savings, and the current score in each category is available online. All of the Adgar Plaza facilities obtained a higher result than in the first certification process, which proves the effective and pro-ecological functioning of these buildings” - says Jerzy Wójcik, Director and Owner of JW+A. USGBC® and related logos are trademarks of U.S. Green Building Council and may only be used with its permission.


Adgar Poland is a long-term owner office real estate. The company operates also in Israel, Canada and Belgium and has been operating on the Polish market since 1999. So far, the company has been particularly active in Warsaw, where it has an extensive portfolio of high-quality real properties in prime locations in Mokotów and Ochota districts, including Adgar Park West and Adgar Plaza Complex. Since 2018, all buildings in the company’s portfolio boast the prestigious LEED Gold certification. Adgar Poland spearheads unique friendly office concepts which support business development, among them the Brain Embassy co-working initiative which has redefined the standard of office lease and have proven highly popular among business tenants. Not merely an investor, Adgar Poland runs the day-today management of its real estate and continues to improve upon each and every project, by implementing sustainable and cutting-edge technological solutions, and by building long-term relations with the clients. The company’s plans for further growth include development of new projects and acquisition of more real estate, also in the country’s other metropolitan areas.