In conjunction with the acquisition, Solida Capital Europe has unveiled the new name for the office building: G5 Prime Offices.

“I'm excited to embark on this refurbishment project! Stay tuned as we transform this office building into a modern, dynamic space that will exceed expectations. At Solida we are committed to keep innovating on new projects that can create more value for all stakeholders and essentially expand the office offer in a key location of the city! Therefore, I'm thrilled to announce our exclusive partnership with CBRE which will be responsible for leasing the retail and office space. Together, we are sure to have the right team to make this project a success and a reference for others”, says Joao Saracho, Managing Director of Solida Capital Europe.

"At the core of our strategy is a steadfast commitment to sustainability and ESG compliance. The refurbished office building will be equipped with state-of-the-art technologies and systems designed to minimize environmental impact, optimise energy efficiency, and promote occupant well-being. From energy-efficient lighting and HVAC systems to advanced waste management solutions and AI technology to manage the power efficiency in the property, every aspect of the building's design and operation will prioritise sustainability and environmental stewardship", the company stated in the press release.

CBRE will be an exclusive agent in the commercialization of the asset.