Koszyki not only represents a range of original culinary concepts and stores but is also known for its comfortable office space. Its historic, secessionist market hall is surrounded on three sides by boutique office buildings characterised by their minimalist architecture and designed by the renowned JEMS Architekci studio. In one of these, building A, the RESIST law firm has now decided to relocate its offices. Reina Company advised the tenant during the transaction. 


“The greatest strength of Hala Koszyki is its unique atmosphere, central location and designer character, which attracts companies that value unconventional but refined office space. We are happy to welcome among our tenants the RESIST law firm, which has recognised all these advantages,” says Anna Korwin-Kulesza, the Senior Leasing Manager at Globalworth Poland.


“We were looking for something different from the usual glazed, high-rise office building, and so we chose somewhere that had the atmosphere of pre-war Warsaw but that was renovated five years ago. Our new office will also be our showcase, allowing us to distinguish ourselves from other law firms,” says Piotr Rezanko, a partner of RESIST.


“We wanted to make our offices more attractive from the point of view of both the client and our employees. Hala Koszyki was the obvious choice due to its intimacy, which will invariably allow us to develop while maintaining our image as a law firm committed to both our values and innovation, but at the same time to ensure all the required discretion. That’s why this unique location was the ideal place to relocate to – since it is vibrant and colourful while at the same time having none of the cold atmosphere of a typical office building,” adds Oskar Sitek, a partner of RESIST.


RESIST Rezanko Sitek is one of the largest independent law firms in Poland, specialising in restructuring, bankruptcy, litigation and enforcement cases. It was established in 2014 by distinguished advocates Piotr Rezanko and Oskar Sitek. RESIST comprises a team of almost 70 attorneys, legal advisors, restructuring advisors and solicitors, who guarantee the highest quality of advice and personal involvement when it comes to clients’ issues, while ensuring the highest levels of availablity, providing efficient and effective communication, and maintaining absolute loyalty and confidentiality.


Hala Koszyki was built more than 100 years ago on ul. Koszykowa in Warsaw on the site of what was then the Koszyki grange farm. The Secessionist-style building was designed by Warsaw’s leading architect of the day, Juliusz Dzierżanowski. In the autumn of 2016, it was restored to the map of Warsaw in the form of a premier culinary and social hub with a wide range of bars and restaurants, where both eat-in and take-away dishes are served. The complex comprises 16,000 sqm of office space and 6,500 sqm of retail. Hala Koszyki is owned and managed by Globalworth.