- We are happy that after many months of preparation, we could start building the first stage of the investment - a residential one, which we plan to finish by the end of next year - says Waldemar Olbryk, a board member at Echo Investment. - As of today, every day, we will be closer and closer to completing this unique point on the Łódź map and giving it to the inhabitants and guests of this city.

Fuzja is an exceptional project by Echo Investment located in the heart of the city between Piotrkowska, Tymienieckiego, Kilińskiego, and Milionowa streets, on the site of the former Karol Scheibler factory. It is a place where the past merges with the present not only in an aesthetic, or architectural, but also in a program dimension - creating venues for all living spaces. In Fuzja, various functions have been planned to support each other mutually and, as a result, they have been building a vibrant part of the city which is alive all day round, seven days a week.

- Fuzja concept was developed under the idea of creating urban-development projects, so-called "destinations." We care about creating a space where people can live, work and spend their free time. Although we have already started the construction, we are always in the process of getting to know this place, analyzing its all spatial and functional aspects, creating dedicated solutions, to best respond to the needs of our clients and integrate this space wisely with the city - Olbryk added.

The historical tissue will be supplemented with modern architecture, as well as urban infrastructures such as squares, alleys, sidewalks, streets and urban greenery. The investor has planned numerous facilities, including parking spaces for car sharing, bicycle paths, bike service stations, parcel lockers, public electric chargers, everything that will ensure comfort and freedom for people staying here.

The project at ul. Tymienieckiego will include 20 buildings with various functions, of which as many as 14 will be adapted historical buildings. The heart of this area will be the historical building of the former combined heat and power plant. As part of the investment, city squares, shared spaces and green areas will also be built.

The investment will be carried out in several stages. In the first stage, two residential buildings will be built with 274 units of between 29 sqm to 111 sqm with the possibility of connecting, as well as 227 parking spaces and storage rooms.

Thanks to smart living, built-in solutions Fuzja’s dwellers will be able to live more comfortably. The flat owners will be able to manage their daily chores without having to get up from the chair or couch – it will be enough to turn on their smartphones or computers and switch on the washing machine and set the right mode, make sure the oven is turned off, vacuum the floor, and even... check the fridge's resources.

Simultaneously with the completion of the first stage, a public square will be opened in front of the power plant with convenient access from Tymienieckiego Street. In subsequent phases, office spaces will be created, further residential buildings, while revitalized historical fragments of the area will be transformed into restaurants and commercial outlets. Thanks to this, thoughtful in every detail, an exceptional investment at ul. Tymienieckiego 5/7 will become an attractive part of the city for future residents and tourists.



Source: Echo Investment