Kamila Królikowska, Senior Negotiator at Walter Herz, who was responsible for carrying out this project, remembers that the first conversations and meetings were still taking place at Warsaw’s Koneser center construction site over two years ago. The initial design was based on expectations and imagination of the client and visualizations of the planned implementation. Later, everything was going on instantly, efficient cooperation and mutual trust led to the rapid adoption of binding decisions – says Kamila.

- Wienerberger company decided to locate their new headquarters in a new, mixed-use complex in Warsaw's district of Praga, where traditional pre-war buildings are associated with charming red-brick houses. - Koneser, which has been built in the place of the former factory in the autumn of last year, also matches the style of the old Praga district. The industrial facility that attracts crowds of Warsaw residents and tourists has already become one of the most fashionable, cultural places in Warsaw. This cozy location also met our client's expectations concerning office space, who was looking for a nice place with ‘a soul’ - says Kamila Królikowska, Senior Negotiator at Walter Herz.

The next step was preparation of the interior design of the new Wienerberger headquarters by Konrad Krusiewicz’s The Design Group from Warsaw. The character of the company and the products it manufactures were the starting point for the architects and the main inspiration to create the interior concept. The designers were looking for ways to present the diversity of the Wienerberger offer unconventionally, showing different textures and structures of their products. Apart from the traditional use of materials, for example in the form of clinker tiles on the walls, we decided to create openwork baffles with hollow bricks, the implementation of which was undoubtedly a great design and construction challenge. The office also includes walls with laminated boards that are inspired by the structure of the ceramic products.

The architects' assumption was to create a cozy, but also light and bright office space, which is why in contrast to the ‘heavy brick’ most of the elements were made in shades of white and gray complemented with bleached wood. The ceilings were left open, with visible installations painted white.

A characteristic element of the interior design, are also baffles made of white-lacquered steel mesh - separating workplaces from communication, which allows the light in and does not reduce space optically. The interior design is complemented by colorful furniture and curtains, thanks to which the office takes on a home-like character.

Investor also wanted to create place for shared meals and recreation, which was missing in the previous Wienerberger office. Therefore, from 1 800 sq m, it was possible to separate the kitchen space of about 60 sq m, creating a large, cozy kitchen with a chillout zone, which resembles coffee shops in the industrial style, says Kamila Królikowska. The Design Group added beautiful mirrors, white built-ins and stone worktops which contrast with a distinctive brick on the walls. The atmosphere of this incredible leisure space is also created by artistic photographs in black frames.



Source: Walter Herz/The Design Group