According to the data of DTZ company, in 2012 Poznań gained 44,000 m2 of office space, which raised the total amount of modern office space in the city to 290,700 m2. Most of the buildings are modern ones, with glass facades, designed to look like Western skyscrapers. It is however worth a try to look at other buildings offering office spaces, as they often have very interesting history. An example of that can be a tenement building located on Plac Wolności 4 in Poznań. Its beginnings date to 1908, when its attractive designed was made by Hermann Röhde, a Berlin architect, famous for the designing Szpital im. Franciszka Raszei in Poznań. The outside of the tenement house draws attention due to an impressive Art Nouveau-meets-baroque facade. The interior has an original staircase balustrade.

The tenement house is the former clothing department store Haase & Co, belonging to Gustav Haase. The formal opening of the object happened on the 31st of March 1909. In the building textile products, womenswear, silk, clothing materials, men’s articles and lingerie was sold. Above the first storey there were also residential places. On People's Republic of Poland period, on the ground floor there was a delicatessen in which the citizens of Poznań could buy periodically the products which were unavailable most of the time.

The building is located not far from Rynek Starego Miasta and Św. Marcina street, in a historic area. It is recorded on the national historic places list. It is important to note a really good localisation of the building. Outskirts of Plac Wolności, one of the main squares of the city, are the centre for business and services. In the near distance there are also such prestigious places as Stary Browar and Andersia Tower. The localisation has very good access to transportation, it is also easily accessible to cars.

The building is currently an office one. In the years 1990-1992 is underwent a profound renovation, made by Bank Handlowy, which enabled for the office spaces there. The tenement house offers in total 3,613 m2 of space, 2,485 of which is office space. The building has five ground storeys and one basement storey. Now two types of space, located on IV and V storeys, are waiting for tenants. Places starting from 20 m2 of space can be leased. For the tenants’ use there are also furnished conference rooms, there is also a possibility of renting storage space.