Let us recall that the Warsaw municipality has approved the construction of a 130 - meter skyscraper by this investor . Originally , Ghelamco planned to build a 160 -meter tower there. The decision issued in December 2021 allows for the construction of a four-segment building with heights: 108 ( 27 floors), 116 (30 floors), 127 ( 32 floors) and 130 meters ( 34 floors). A skyscraper can have a maximum of 34above-ground and 5 underground storeys. The total usable area of ​​the entire high-rise complex can be 77,500 sq m.

The cost of the entire investment, estimated by Ghelamco , was to be in the range of PLN 250 to 300 million (due to inflation in Poland and the growing costs of building materials and construction works, these values ​​will certainly change).

The project has a working name of Sobieski Tower . Ghelamco Poland , in return for the consent to implement its investment, is to build at its own expense and provide the city with a local street connecting Aleje Jerozolimskie with ul. Grójecka . This street has a working name of No