Co \ Walk HUB is located in the walls of the former cotton factory of Franciszek Ramisch from the nineteenth century. Such location obliges, the place escapes the rigid definition of office or coworking. The space designed from the functional side has been divided into zones corresponding to a specific style of work. Be it with the team or alone. Whether standing, sitting or ... lying down. It is vain to look here for views known from the corporate headquarters. These include startups and scaleups seeking an inspiring business environment, as well as companies from the technology and creative industries.

Creative ecosystem

Le Polish Bureau became the first tenant of the new office space which is the Polish branch of UNIT9, one of the most renowned interactive production agencies in the world, specializing in commercial applications of virtual reality and augmented reality, became the first tenant of the new space. One of his teams delegated here BinarApps, a dynamically developing software house located in the neighborhood, in the TEAL OFFICE building. As a prize in the competition "Młodzi w Łodzi", the Wavy startup has also become a member of the project, developing a locator for recreational divers, thanks to which they are never left alone.

It was that loneliness that the initiators of the creative ecosystem of Co \ Walk HUB and OFF Piotrkowska Center decided to fight with. In the place where the paths of innovative and unique businesses and slightly larger companies, entrepreneurs and investors are crossed, both can benefit from cooperation. - Co \ Walk HUB is the best proof that large companies want to place design teams in creative spaces as an added value and inspiring to create unconventional ideas - emphasizes Michał Styś, president of the board of OPG Property Professionals and the originator of the project. - For a freelancer, this place is an alternative to monotonous work at home, and startups gain the necessary substantive support as well as potential partners and clients - he adds.

Let's walk together!

The slogan "let's walk together!" Accompanying the project means that not only technologies are mobile here and agile are methodologies. Arranging space allows you to incorporate physical activity into your daily work plan on an unprecedented scale. - When you are working intelectually, you cannot forget about your own body. Therefore, we raise ideas on a ping-pong table, laden budgets on the ladders, and relieve stress on the boxing bag. The programming marathon and the hours spent in front of the computer will turn into a sprint on the treadmill. After all, a sound mind in a sound body! - explains Paulina Ostrowska, Operations Manager of the company.

Interior design Co \ Walk HUB makes everyone work here just like it's comfortable. Both in the common and office part. "Having in mind the need for movement, we proposed Stand Up R desks with adjustable height of the tabletop,  awarded the "Red Dot Best of the Best" title, which allow working in sit & stand mode and engages different parts of muscles", emphasizes Michał Haze, owner of the company MIKOMAX Meble Biurowe, the official partner of the space. "With the client, we will talk face-to-face in comfortable conditions on the CHILLOUT series sofa, and over the phone - in an acoustically insulated booth #Hush Phone - he sums up."


Source: OPG Property Professionals