Office space

Spyrosoft employees have about 2,800 sqm of office space at their disposal The facility is distinguished by green terraces, service units and access to the gastronomic offer of downtown Wroclaw¹. The company's current office meets all of Spyrosoft's expectations in terms of location and amenities.

Decision to extend the agreement

The decision to extend the lease was the optimal solution. The property's high-end certification and comfort for employees are in line with the tenant's ESG policy, which was also important in the selection process.

About Spyrosoft

Spyrosoft is one of the fastest growing technology companies in the domestic and global markets. The company will remain in its current location in the Nowy Targ office building in Wroclaw, Poland.

About the Nowy Targ office building

Nowy Targ is a building located in the center of the capital of Lower Silesia. The project's name refers to the Nowy Targ square, where it was built and which formerly served as a central shopping plaza. The building is LEED Platinum certified, which means it was designed and built to minimize environmental impact while maintaining a high level of energy efficiency. The New Market has been certified as a "Barrier-Free Building," meeting high accessibility standards for people with disabilities