The facility is 17 metres high. Moreover, as part of the investment the developer has built 7,800 sqm of roads, including a dogbone roundabout. It has replaced the existing Kołbaskowo junction, at the exit off the A6 motorway coming from the east. The investment is Panattoni Europe’s fourth project for Amazon.

Robots and logistics process optimization. The investment in Kołbaskowo is equipped with Amazon Robotics technology. For its purposes and to optimize logistics processes, the facility has 3 storeys. The ground level, which houses permanent workstations towards the rear of the building, has access to daylight thanks to the installation of 11 skylights measuring more than 100 sqm each. Daylight reaches the ground floor via walled tunnels which pass through two storeys, on which robots assist employees in stacking products on warehouse racks and in order picking.

Marek Dobrzycki, Managing Director, Panattoni Europe, commented: “This investment is a prime example of the latest industry trends ─ the development of multi-storey warehouse spaces to be used by e-commerce businesses on a large scale. By going beyond the standard height, the space offered by the facility – now expressed in cubic meters – can be used in the optimal manner. With the inevitable growth of online shopping, such solutions are bound to become increasingly popular, and in the end will come as standard.”

The Amazon Robotics technology makes it possible to store up to 50 percent more products, and to process orders much faster. Thanks to process optimization, it now takes not hours, but minutes to fill an individual order. It is worth adding that this technology has also led to a significant increase of employment. And as Marzena Więckowska, PR Senior Manager at Amazon commented: “Poland was one of the first countries in the world and the first in Europe to start working with Amazon Robotics back in 2015, when 270 robots made their way to the e-commerce logistics centre in Wrocław. Now our new centre in Kołbaskowo has more than 3,000 of them, which makes it one of the most advanced facilities in our network.”

Like in the case of previous facilities developed by Panattoni Europe for Amazon, this one too will undergo the BREEAM Interim certification process. The developer and the investor are looking to obtain the VERY GOOD rating. That is why, right from breaking ground the investment was executed in line with environmental requirements including: appropriate waste management in the course of construction and the use of a broad range of local plants to integrate the distribution centre with the natural environment. The facility features an intelligent building management system (BMS), LED lighting and motion sensors in various zones, enhanced insulation of walls and roofs, as well as building tightness. It also has installations limiting water consumption to the minimum.

Location. The facility for Amazon was developed in Kołbaskowo, approx. 12 km from Szczecin city centre and as little as 230 m from the Kołbaskowo Junction on the A6 motorway.