What are the characteristics of a bad office design? We can distinguish several aspects, such as:

- Poor air quality and lighting. Lack of access to natural light and fresh air can cause fatigue, headaches, and concentration problems. Excessively high or low temperatures, noise, and dust also have a negative impact on working comfort.
- Lack of personal space and privacy. Working in an open office can be a source of stress for many people. The inability to isolate oneself from noise and distractions, lack of respect for personal boundaries, and lack of control over one's own workspace can lead to frustration, conflict and decreased motivation.
- Lack of ergonomics and safety. Inadequate office furniture and equipment can cause back, neck, and wrist pain. Poor positioning of monitors, keyboards, and mice can lead to vision problems and muscle strain. Not having enough space to move around and store things can increase the risk of accidents and injuries.

How to improve office design to reduce employee stress levels? There are many solutions that can improve working conditions and increase job satisfaction. Here are some examples:

- Improve air quality and lighting. Provide access to natural light and fresh air through windows, ventilation and plants. Adjust the temperature, humidity and noise to suit workers' needs. Use adequate artificial lighting that does not dazzle or tire the eyes.
- Provide personal space and privacy. Allow employees to choose their workspace according to their preferences and type of task. Create quiet, relaxation and meeting areas. Use partitions, acoustic panels or noise-canceling headphones. Respect personal boundaries and do not disturb others unnecessarily.
- Improve ergonomics and safety. Match furniture and office equipment to individual needs and employee dimensions. Position the monitor, keyboard and mouse at the appropriate height and distance. Provide sufficient space to move around and store things. Prevent accidents and injuries by following proper procedures and precautions.

Office design has a major impact on employee stress levels. Poor working conditions can reduce employees' quality of life, productivity and health. Good working conditions can increase employee well-being, motivation and loyalty. Therefore, it makes sense to invest in improving office design to create a friendly and healthy work environment.