Each person is an individuality, and labeling individual generations and acting according to well-established patterns can be a trap for an organization. However, due to the changes resulting from the social, technological and economic transformation over the past decades, we can observe certain general regularities regarding world-outlook differences and different expectations of new generations, which will have a significant impact on the development of the organization in the future.

- The representatives of Generation Z working in the Polish branch of Cushman & Wakefield account for 6 percent. all employees. All of them have joined us in the last 3 years and they find employment in various areas of the company. A large part are employees of the financial area with very strong analytical skills, but representatives of this generation are also present in administration, marketing and transaction departments - says Anna Trochim.

He adds that employing young people who are just shaping their career paths brings a new perspective on processes and organizational culture to the company. Representatives of the young generation are courageous in sharing their observations and clearly communicate their expectations, which on the one hand is a great opportunity for us, as an organization, for further development, but on the other hand is often a great challenge.

- In acquiring employees, we focus on networking to a large extent, as is the case with recruitment in the case of the Z generation. We deeply believe in the power of recommendations, and the employee referral program helps us in this, although the most important thing is to convince our employees that it is worth working with us. Building the employer's brand awareness is a very important element. We do it through our presence in social media - in channels that are visited by the representatives of the younger generation on a daily basis. In addition, we cooperate with universities and support charity campaigns - all this, however, is based on the foundation that we constantly build within the organization together with all employees, i.e. the culture of openness and diversity - emphasizes the expert

Zetka appreciate the physical aspects of the office

- Among the interesting facts that we observed during the focus group research for the above-mentioned report, the physical work environment is important for Generation Z: access to daylight, air quality, office location and its equipment. We are truly competitive as an employer of choice in the context of the office and the amenities offered. Recently, we have managed to consolidate our Warsaw offices and a few months ago we moved to a completely new headquarters in The Warsaw Hub. Our new office fully meets the needs of all generations, including those of the Z generation. It is one of the most modern offices of our company in the EMEA region. The office has modern individual workstations, design workspaces with low and high tables, soundproofed telephone booths and over thirty meeting rooms. The ergonomics of the workplace are guaranteed by electric desks, which allow for adjusting the height of the furniture to the employee's height and enabling work while standing. Our employees can also use, among others from the "Power Room", that is a mini-gym, "Relax Room" equipped with a massage chair, "Yoga Room", a parent's room with a child and veding machines with healthy food. In addition to the various functions that we have planned to support our teams in their daily work in the office, we can also boast a unique design and interesting technological solutions - says Anna Trochim.

Automated room booking systems, motion sensors and room occupancy indicators make it easier to find free space and help ensure the safety of employees. Modern audio-video systems allow you to conduct group meetings and share them online.

Another benefit, which participants of focus groups paid special attention to, was a competent manager "with a human face", from whom you can learn a lot, who on the one hand is demanding, and at the same time treats everyone with respect and in partnership. For the representatives of Generation Z, it is very important who they work for - both in the sense of the immediate boss and the company's brand.

- For us, as an employer, this means that developing strong trust in leadership, strengthening a high-quality work culture based on shared values, striving to build shared responsibility, both for our internal activities and services offered to our clients, are of colossal importance and are treated priority. We must not forget that these are often people for whom Cushman & Wakefield is the first place to work, hence it is necessary to care for the development of competences through various mentoring activities and building a culture of openness to the exchange of knowledge and experiences - concludes Anna Trochocim.