Fuzja, being created on the site of the former Karol Scheibler's factory at ul. Tymienieckiego in Łódź will be an open and friendly part of the city, full of historical heritage. Its urban and architectural foundation is based on the combination of historic brick buildings with a new fabric and new functions, to create a perfect place to live, work and rest and bring life back to the area. The project will consist of four residential building with over 600 apartments, as well as c.a. 40,000 sqm of office space. The retail and entertainment part of the project will be developed in the historical buildings, making Fuzja an unique meeting point in Łódź. This exciting social space combining the history with the future amounts to c.a. 15,000 sqm.

In the capsule placed in the foundations of Fuzja, there was an erection act and artifacts that will resemble the past of this place in the future. They are the Uniontex factory newsletter - the last textile company operating in this area, current photos, as well as Fuzja’s statement written by members of the community gathered around the project in social media.

“Echo Investment is one of the first developers believing in the potential of Łódź. We have been co-creating this city for over 20 years, building apartments and workplaces. We feel responsible for making a friendly urban space, which is especially important at Fuzja. We want this place to join the most interesting and attractive parts of Łódź, to attract people, be open and friendly, comfortable to live, inspiring to work, and pleasant to spend free time. With great attention we design it, taking into account both the needs of future residents and users of this space, as well as urban and sociological trends,” says Nicklas Lindberg, CEO at Echo Investment.

“We are delighted with each new investment. But this investment, however, is one of those exceptional, because we are talking about the most important monuments in Łódź, about our heritage. It is not only a part of the empire of Łódź's largest manufacturer but also a unique factory plant, which is a real adornment to Księży Młyn and the entire city,” says Hanna Zdanowska, the Mayor of Łódź. “Scheibler's factory-residential empire is getting better every year. We achieve this thanks to the joint effort of the city, the Academy of Fine Arts and private investors. For years, Echo Investment has been implementing important projects in Łódź that change the face of the city. Today, together with us, it brings back the splendor of the factory-residential empire of a scale unprecedented not only in the country but also in Europe.”

We hope Fuzja will connect people, just as post-industrial historical objects will blend with a new architectural substance,” says Łukasz Zagała, co-founder of Medusa Group. “It will be a vital part of Łódź with an attractive public space, gastronomy, beautiful residential buildings, cultural facilities, and new workplaces. We want to create a community here where people will be able to meet and spend time together on city squares, in cafes and restaurants. Green areas are a crucial element of the concept and will be available to all users who will get a possibility to establish and grow their urban gardens.”

During the ceremony the premiere of a series of film etudes, “Żywioły” (“Elements”), presenting the heritage of this place took place. That is a story told by Mr. Andrzej Szkudlarek, a long-time employee of “Zakłady Przemysłu Bawełnianego im. Obrońców Pokoju (Peace Defenders Cotton Factory)”, later renamed Uniontex, and now the guardian of this area. From the next week, the first episode will available on the FB Fuzja profile.

Fuzja project at ul. Tymienieckiego will include 20 buildings with various functions, of which as many as 14 will be adapted historical buildings. The historical construction of the former Art Nouveau heat and power plant designed by engineer Alfred Frisch will be the heart of this area. Also, Echo Investment will build 90,000 sqm of housing, office, service, restaurant, and cultural facilities, as well as create new urban squares, shared spaces and green areas, which will occupy almost 4 hectares. Residents and Fuzja users will be able to enjoy numerous facilities, among which are car sharing services, bicycle paths, bike service stations, parcel lockers, and electric loaders.

“Thanks to numerous facilities and services widely and easily available in shared areas and buildings, as well as thanks to smart living solutions built in apartments, residents of Fuzja will be able to live comfortably, peacefully and safely,” adds Waldemar Olbryk, a board member at Echo Investment responsible for the housing sector.

Smart systems in apartments will allow their residents to manage, control and program household appliances and electronics; set alarm, control curtains, check the closure of windows and automate tasks, e.g., with one key to turn off all selected receivers, or turn on and off lighting and other devices intuitively - from home or remotely - using a smartphone. These solutions can be tested in Fuzja show suite, located at the sales office at ul. Tymienieckiego. The heart of the intelligent housing management system is TaHomaDIN. The zip-controlled lock allows to let a neighbor in to water the flowers or open a door for a child who happened to forget the key. Are you coming back home and want to rest? You can create the atmosphere with the tablet, with the selected brightness and color of lighting and relaxing music played by the intelligent speaker. If every day you are connected to a certain kind of music, the connected internet will allow you to play your favorite playlist.

Fuzja will be developed in several stages. In the first, Echo Investment will build two residential buildings with 274 flats. The first residents will be able to move in early 2021. Simultaneously with the completion of the first stage, a public square will be opened in front of the power plant with convenient access from ul. Tymienieckiego. In the next steps, Echo Investment will create office spaces, further residential buildings, and revitalized historical fragments of the area that will transform into restaurants and commercial outlets. Thanks to this Fuzja – carefully thought-out unique investment - will become a beautiful part of the city for future residents, employees, and tourists.



Source: Echo Investment