The company has completed the green certification process for all its buildings in Poland, switching 16 offices to run on sustainable energy. The electricity supply has a so-called guarantee of origin, i.e. a certificate confirming that it was obtained from renewable sources.

“We treat the improvement of our properties with great responsibility, implementing effective solutions that minimize the environmental impact of our operations. We are not stopping: after achieving LEED and BREEAM certification in all our properties in Poland, we “switched” them to green energy, with further steps planned ahead. Thanks to the exceptional efforts of our specialists and fruitful cooperation with external partners, we have significantly advanced the standard of our office buildings, allowing us to decrease their emissions for the benefit of the environment”, says Grzegorz Strutyński, Country Manager for GTC in Poland.

Recently the company as the first commercial developer in Central and Eastern Europe has published its first-ever ESG report, summarising the Group’s 25 years of activity in six real estate markets. GTC’s long-standing commitment to improve its operations on multiple levels goes hand in hand with the ESG commitments. The company acts holistically to achieve Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), following the United Nations 2030 agenda. Globe Trade Centre provides energy-efficient solutions in most of its buildings, including modern water saving, heating and ventilation systems, as well as sustainably sourced materials. 


Source:// Property Forum